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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday Breakdown

     Happy Wardrobe Wednesday Breakdown!  This week's outfit is another one I found while in Nashville.  Maybe it's a good thing I don't live there (yet) since I seem to do a lot of damage shopping there!

Top: Fuzzy Plaid Sweater from Forever 21 $22.90
Pants: LC by Lauren Conrad (they're a couple years old but here's a similar pair from ASOS)
Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren Two Toned Riding Boots (these are a couple years old, too)

     I was in the dressing room at Forever 21 trying on something else when this sweater caught my eye.  It was hanging on the door of another dressing room and I fell in love.  I searched the whole store (and you know how big they can be!) before asking for help.  The associate who helped me said she planned on getting the sweater, too!  Not only is the sweater cute, it's so soft!  Seriously, when I felt it, it was like I was touching cashmere!  Cashmere is a little above Forever 21's price point, though, so the sweater is actually acrylic and nylon.  I know, it sounds like it would be itchy, but it's not!  After wearing the sweater, my only complaint is there are flecks of gold string in it and those tend to get caught on things: namely my purse zippers.  Luckily, where the sweater is so shaggy, I can just snip the pulls and it will be okay.  Word of warning: make sure you zip your purse so it doesn't catch on it!

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