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Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Book Review

Yes please! Is anyone else with me there?

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
This was my book club read of the month and while it's not something I would have selected on my own to read, I'm glad I did. The story was very interesting. I'd never heard of orphan trains before. Back in the early 20th century, orphans were put on a train and it made stops allowing people the chance to adopt the orphans. This story follows someone who was an orphan on the train and then intertwines it into modern day as she forms an unlikely friendship with a teenage orphan.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
I'd heard so much about this book that I couldn't wait to read it. It's loosely inspired by William and Kate and as someone who loves all things royals, I had to read it. Parts of this book were really good and parts of this book were really long. The parts that were good were good! I'm talking staying up late reading good. The parts that were long were well...long. I'm not someone daunted by long books, but at 454 pages, there were parts of the book that were very slow moving and felt the book could have done without. All in all, though, I did like the book.

UnSweetined by Jodie Sweetin
I grew up watching her on Full House, recently binge watched her on Fuller House and am currently watching her on Dancing With The Stars. I knew Jodie Sweetin suffered substance abuse problems but had no idea just how much. At times, I felt like the book glamorized substance abuse because she would talk about what a great time she was having while using and I never really felt her pain when she hit rock bottom. It's sad what drugs can do to people. The book really skims the surface and doesn't get too deep when it comes to feelings or Full House details.

Cupcakes and Cowboys by Lindzee Armstrong
By now you guys know about my obsession with Lindzee Armstrong books, right? Her latest book is a novella in the Curl Up With a Cowboy anthology. First off, being from West Virginia and loving to bake, I instantly fell in love with the name of the book. I mean who doesn't love cowboys and who doesn't love cupcakes? As I read the book, I fell in love with the story and the characters, too. A small town girl is left at the altar by her Hollywood star fiancee. When a hot, new Hollywood star comes to her ranch to do research for his latest part, Cassidy must decide if she can let go of the past and let someone in, or if her ex-fiancee has scarred her for life when it comes to dating actors. Yet another great, clean read by Lindzee.

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