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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 8 Ways the Royal Wedding is Breaking Tradition

8. The family baker isn't making the cake
For almost forty years, the royal family baker, Andrew Davidson, has made the cakes for the weddings of all of the Queen's four children.  However, that tradition will stop with Prince William and Kate.  It is still not known who is baking the cake, but there will be two of them.  A traditional fruit cake will be served as well as a chocolate cookie cake as requested by Prince William.

7. Kate will arrive by car
Instead of the usual glass coach taking her to Westminster Abbey, Kate has opted to arrive by Rolls-Royce.  This purple car was given to the Queen in 1977 and has more than $1.7 million worth of security that includes reinforced steel doors, toughened glass and it can continue driving even if it has a flat tire.

6. The couple will have a best man and a maid of honor
Traditionally, the groom doesn't have a best man, he has a "supporter" but Prince Harry will serve as the best man.  The bride doesn't usually have a maid of honor, but Kate will have her sister Pippa filling that role. Also, the bridesmaids are usually teens or toddlers.

5. A smaller guest list
Since Prince William is second in line to the throne, the wedding isn't considered an official state occasion.  This means the couple doesn't have to invite foreign heads of state.  President Obama and the first lady were left off the guest list!  Only 1,900 of Prince William and Kate's closest friends, family, charity workers, celebrities and ordinary citizens were invited.  (I'm sure my invite just got lost in the mail!)

4. They won't have any servants after the wedding
Once the couple settles into their new home in all their wedded bliss, they won't have any servants except for a few body guards.  They are trying to live as normal of a life as possible meaning no cooks, butlers or maids.  They even plan to do their own grocery shopping!  This is far from the 149 servants Prince Charles had.

3. No gifts, please
Prince Charles and Princess Dianna received more than 6,000 wedding presents, but in lieu of any presents you might want to send Prince William and Kate, they have asked that money you would have spent on gifts be sent to the Royal Wedding Charity Fund.  The money raised will then be distributed to 26 different charities worldwide.

2. Get ready to serve yourself at the reception
Instead of an extravagant wedding reception, Prince William and Kate have chosen a buffet-style luncheon.  Later that evening, Prince Charles is hosting a private dinner for 200-300 of their friends and family.  Having two receptions is also another break in tradition.

1. Kate is a commoner
Whoever said you can't grow up to be a princess is wrong.  Kate Middleton is a commoner.  Her parents are a former pilot and stewardess who then opened a successful party supply company.  This is the first time a non-aristocrat is marrying into the Royal Family, so there's still hope for all us girls crossing our fingers for Prince Harry!  Also breaking tradition is the fact that she is college-educated, she and the Prince have lived together and her family is helping pay for the wedding.

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