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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette: Week 2 Recap

The second episode starts with Chris delivering the first date card.  Does anyone else remember in the earlier seasons when they used to give out date boxes filled with all kinds of stuff?  If not, I guess I've been watching this show too long.  Anyway, back to the episode.  William gets the first one-on-one date since he received the first impression rose.  When they read the card, I thought maybe they were going to a water park in Vegas since it says they're going to make a splash but boy was I wrong.  I really liked William in last week's episode so I can't wait to get to know him better on this date.

Even though I don't care for Ames, I loved his comment to Jeff about wishing he had a white mask in the hot weather.

Now to William's date, they were so cute when all the fans greeted them and wanted pictures.  William is so adorable and was such a good sport on this date, especially when he played along when the lady at the ring store asked them about a wedding date.  I loved when he asked Ashley where her bouquet was then he handed her a potted plant!  I couldn't believe when William said "I Do" and then when Ash paused and he just said "Babe?".  I can't believe this dinner in the middle of the Bellagio Fountains, big kudos to the producers!  I think he would make a good stand-up comedian like he says he wants to be.  He picks up on cues instantly like when Ashley said she hopes some guys love her and he grinned and raised his hand.  The story about his dad and the watch being frozen on the time he passed is killing me.  My heart is aching for him.  Ashley scared me to death when she said but during her speech before giving William the rose, I can't even being to imagine how he was feeling.  If Ashley doesn't pick William, I want him!  How precious was it when he said, "I want to do everything I can to make you this happy all the time"?

I hate group dates, especially ones of this size; twelve guys?  I never feel like I get to know the people.  Ashley's abs are killer and I'm totally jealous.  As if trying to get to know twelve guys wasn't bad enough, now half of them will be sent back to the mansion without any one-on-one time with Ashley.  It's a double edge sword for Ashley; on one hand she has fewer guys to spend time with but she also loses out on time with six of them.  What is it with all these guys wearing plaid?  I love the names the guys come up with for the crews: No Rhythm Nation and The Best Men.  I love The Best Men's entrance, it was adorable!  The main reason I don't like No Rhythm Nation is because of Bentley but they did incorporate Ashley in the whole dance and she IS the reason they're there.  I can't believe the guys get to perform with the actual crew during their show in Vegas.  First Ali and Roberto got to perform in "The Lion King" on Broadway and now this?  I'm so jealous!

I'm so glad Blake was the first person to pull Ash aside at their after party and said they would be twice as perfect.  I really liked West in last week's episode but his story reminds me so much of Emily's from last season.  Now we're on to one-on-one time with Bentley.  He is so rude in his interview.  I can't stand him, but I do have to give it to him, he's pretty good looking.  I wish she would quit begging him to be there, he doesn't feel anything for her just for the screen time.  As soon as she picked up the rose, I cringed because I knew she was giving it to Bentley.

It's interesting how the date between J.P. and Mickey was picked.  At least she wasn't faced with the dreaded two-on-one date yet.  I really wanted J.P. to get the date.  I don't remember why, but I didn't care for Mickey last week.  The pulley contraption to pick their wine was so cool.  I love when Ash said she was scared she wasn't going to catch the coin; that'd be me for sure!  The view from the room is incredible.  I hate to say it, but I'm bored by their date.  I agree with Ashley, I love momma's boys, too!  What is it with Ashley throwing in these "but's" during her speech before handing out the rose?  Mickey ended up getting a rose then they headed out for a walk on the beach.  A private concert from Colbie Caillat?  I LOVE her!  Is it just me or does Mickey look like Topher Grace?

On to the cocktail party.  All the guys seem subdued, maybe it's due to the weather?  J.P. bringing a coin to their one-on-one time was adorable, very clever.  Ashley hasn't wasted any time when it comes to kissing those boys!  As much as I loved William during his date, he's being really cocky during this cocktail party.  Maybe he's just drunk? -- not that that's much of an excuse.  I really hope he's not like that because their date was so perfect!  Ok, these shots of Jeff looking out from over the banister are really creepy.  I feel like it's a scene from "Phantom of the Opera" or something.  Of course, when Jeff goes to take his mask off Matt interrupts.  I love Ben C. and am glad he was able to get some time with Ashley.  He really makes her laugh and that is such an important thing.  I'm so sick of Bentley; he is rude and completely disrespectful.  Oh Ashley, your sincerity radar is so far off right now.

It's finally time for the rose ceremony.  The guys who got roses are: William, Bentley, Mickey, West, Constantine, Ryan P., Ben C., Nick, Ames, Lucas, Jeff (mask guy), J.P., Chris, Ben F. and Blake.  Those who were sent packing include: Matt, Stephen and Ryan M. (one of my favorites!!).  I decided to not watch the preview for next week's episode but I've heard there will be lots of drama.

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