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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bachelorette: Week 3 Recap

After all the previews and gossip I was so excited for this episode.  It had its ups and downs, it made me mad at people and it made me like people.  Let's get down to the recap!

The episode starts out with Ben C. getting a one-on-one date with Ashley.  I've always wanted to be part of a flash mob so add this to the long list of dates from the Bachelor that I'm jealous of.  Ash is such a great dancer, I would love to take a hip-hop class from her!  She seems like a great dance teacher.  Things seem a little awkward just sitting there in the middle of the field in the mall with everyone watching them.  I'm so proud of Ben for going along with it and dancing to no music when Ashley asks then BAM! music starts and people join in.  He's so excited, it's adorable!  I love when he says, "Let's do it again!" when the music begins.  He's really having a good time dancing and he's even singing along!  "Ben got flashed!" I loved it!  Ben C. and Ashley are so cute during the Far East Movement concert; they really fit together.  During their dinner, Ben shows what a hopeless romantic he is.

Jeff is so creepy staring out from the balcony and the music playing doesn't help any.  I love what a big deal Jeff is making over his mask.  I think it's ridiculous and his plan didn't work.  I don't get the shots of the bird and squirrels.  Ashley's reaction is priceless because she has no reaction except that he's older than she thought.  It was so awkward when he said, "Hi!  I'm Jeff."  Now that he has his mask off, I noticed how pretty his eyes are; but he doesn't blink that much.  It's kind of weird.

When the guys find out they're doing stand-up comedy, they all say William is the funniest guy in the house.  I don't like the idea of them roasting Ashley, that's who they are there to impress.  I know they said they can roast each other, but I think those are the only people they should be roasting.  William went down in my book as soon as he said this could open new doors for him to do his dream.  Then, he goes on to say he might make Ashley cry and this is his opportunity to finally be real with Ashley?  Ugh, I'm so mad at him!

Then the roasting begins!  Lucas is up first and focused his roasting on the guys.  Then it was Ryan's turn, and while I agree with him and his statement about what was Ashley thinking keeping Bentley, it wasn't funny.  He played it off well with the "Not funny!" though.  Ames was great with the mask and Blake was funny with the taking skills and attributes away from one guy and getting another.  Jeff started in with the roasting of Ashley about her small boobs and the guys took that as their cue to talk about them.  Comedian wanna-be Will took the stage and he knows Ashley the best out of all the guys so, like Ashley, I think his will be pretty good.  Man, oh man, am  I wrong.  The "one man's trash is another man's treasure" could have worked if he would've said something about her being his treasure.  Then he started in with how he wished it would've been Chantal or Emily and I couldn't believe him.  I was furious!  I feel awful for Ashley.  Then to make matters worse, Bentley says since Ash is crying he's going to mess with her head.  As if I wasn't mad enough already! I CAN'T STAND Bentley.  Poor, poor Ashley; I can't imagine rewatching this and hearing the comments she made about him.

After the roast, there's a party and you can tell William knows he messed up.  He looks like a sad little puppy, and thankfully asked to talk to her.  Why won't he apologize?  He thinks the only solution is to pack up and leave?  He should've said that he can never make it up to her but he will always try or something, not say he should leave.  As mad as I am at him, there's still a part of me that doesn't want him to go.  Ryan is so sweet to her and I had it called that he would get the rose on the date.  Then there's Bentley.  She called him out and then he lied straight to her face --AGAIN!  He never really denies it though, he just says it doesn't apply to them which doesn't make sense.  He literally makes me sick.  He is such a jerk.  His face is so smug when Ash is cuddling up to him and I loved his face when he didn't get the rose.

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for, Bentley leaving the show!  He doesn't even give her the right reason for leaving and strings her on by saying it's not a period but a "dot dot dot".  C'mon, man, you've already hurt her enough and you don't even care for her.  I feel sorry for his daughter when she gets old enough to watch this and understand.  He is so disrespectful in his interviews, it's awful.  Him leaving took way too long, he kept dragging it out...of course.  I feel so awful for Ashley; she really broke my heart with how upset and pitiful she was.

I was so happy when JP got the one-on-one date and knew that he would be able to comfort her.  He completely melted my heart when he got out of the car with flowers for her.  Even out of all the crazy, exotic dates they have, this is probably one of the sweetest dates I've ever seen on the show.  It's a real life date and it's adorable.  JP seems really sincere.  Ashley is so cute around him and can tell that she's really comfortable with him by changing into sweats and pulling out the glasses.  In Ashley's blog on People, she said that she actually fell asleep while cuddling with him.  It was so funny when she said "it's kinda hard to kiss with glasses."

During her talk with Chris Harrison, you can tell he is trying so hard not to say, "I told you so."  That being said, he truly does feel sorry for her.  I love Chris' emotion when he found out what Bentley said about the dot dot dot.  I hope he got through to Ashley by telling her that's a guy thing to say and that if he really loved her he would have moved heaven and earth like the other guys did.  While I feel badly for the guys who didn't have a date this week, I completely understand Ashley not having a cocktail party and going straight to the rose ceremony.  Along with Ben C., Ryan and JP, Ashley gave roses to Constantine, West, Mickey, Ben F., Blake, Nick, Ames, Lucas and Will.  Since Bentley sent himself packing, Ashley sent home Jeff and Chris.

Be on the lookout for my next post where I'll break down Ashley's style from this episode and tell you how you can get it for less!

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