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Monday, May 25, 2015

Manners Monday: Wedding Guest Etiquette

Happy Manners Monday and welcome to wedding season!  This week we are looking into wedding guest etiquette.  Here are some Do's and Don'ts to make sure you're the perfect guest.

  • RSVP: It's just common courtesy, and send it in by the date requested.  If an emergency or something comes up and you can't attend, let the host know immediately.
  • Arrive on time: If the invite says the ceremony starts at 4:30, that means the bride is walking down the aisle at 4:30.  This is one of those cases where if you aren't early, you're late.
  • Send a gift:  Even if you can't make it to the ceremony, you're still expected to send a gift.  And don't forget to use the's there for a reason!
  • Wear proper attire: Under no circumstances are jeans appropriate.  If you aren't sure of what to wear, ask someone familiar with the wedding.
  • Have a good time: Get out on the dance floor, make new friends and smile!  Even if you aren't, look like you're having fun and don't forget to take home your party favor!
  • Assume you have a plus one: Unless your invitation says a guest is invited, they aren't and don't ask for one either.  This goes for kids, too.
  • Use your phone: It's tempting to check Facebook or text someone during the reception, but don't.  Be present and in the moment.
  • Get sloppy drunk: Stay in control, this day isn't about you and how much you can drink, it's about celebrating the bride and groom.  Make sure the attention stays on them...not you.
  • Wear white: Unless the invitation asks guests to wear white, save it for the bride.

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