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Monday, June 29, 2015

Manners Monday: Thank Yous

Call me old fashioned, but I love handwritten letters.  In this day and age where everything is so instantaneous and digital, there's something so fun about opening your ACTUAL mailbox, not the one on your phone, and seeing a letter there.  I love opening an envelope and seeing someone's handwriting on paper, not Times New Roman on a bright white screen.  And where putting pen to paper takes longer than striking keys on a keyboard, you know that for that little bit of time, someone was thinking of you.

Nowadays, it's becoming less and less common to get a "Thank You" card in the mail.  It's so quick and convenient to send someone a text that says "Thanks," but that doesn't cut it.  If someone took the time out of their day to attend your wedding, birthday, etc. and spend money on you, the least you can do to show your appreciation is to send a thank you.

According to Emily Post, it's never wrong to send a thank you note.  The acceptable time frame for sending thank yous is up to 3 months after receiving the gift.  While it's best to get the note out as soon as possible, it's better late than never.

When it comes to writing thank yous, they don't have to be novels, just thoughtful.  If you have tons of notes to write, write them in small batches.  Writing 100 thank yous in one sitting sounds daunting, but writing them in sets of 10 doesn't sound nearly as bad.  Happy writing!

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