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Monday, July 6, 2015

How To: Extend the Life of Your Bathing Suit

Alright, ladies, it's bathing suit time!  However, with all the rain we've gotten in West Virginia, I think I've put on a bathing suit maybe 3 times so far this summer? Between sunscreen, salt water and chlorine, it's hard to keep your bathing suit looking its best.  These tips will not only keep your bathing suit in top condition, they'll also help extend the life of it.

1. Rinse your suit
        It's extremely important that after every dip in the pool or ocean that you rinse your bathing suit off in cold water.  This will help remove the salt and chlorine that can damage the fabric.

2. Gently squeeze your suit
        If you wring or twist your suit to get rid of the excess water, you run the chance of causing the suit to lose its shape.  It's best to gently squeeze instead.

3. Hand wash with cool water
        The chemicals in detergents and the roughness of the washer can break down the fibers in your bathing suit.  Opt for hand washing in cool water instead.  If you must use a machine, put it on a gentle cycle and use an all-natural detergent, such as Seventh Generation.

4. Lay flat to dry
        Instead of tossing your suit in the dryer which can destroy the elastic fibers because of the heat, lay your suit somewhere to air dry instead.

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