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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Month Resolutions: July

Before we get started with this month's resolutions, let's take a look at how I did last month.

1. 10,000 Steps a day: While I didn't get 10,000 steps every day, I did better this month.  From now on, 10,000 steps a day will be an understood resolution until I reach it and up it to 11,000!  I'll keep you posted!
2. Clean out closet: I cleaned out my closet, but I can definitely afford to go through it again.

3. Eat from garden: I can check this off my list several times!  Remember my Friday Favorites where I talked about the lettuce from my garden?  Well, we can now add squash, basil and green beans to that list.  I have some green peppers that are ready to be picked and can't wait to eat those!
4. Link up twice: I linked up more than twice this month and I loved it!  I participated in Friday Favorites and Carpool Wednesday.
5. Read 3 books: This month, I read 4 books.  You can read about some of them here, and I'll post and review the rest July 15th.

Now, on to this month's resolutions!

1. More God time: My sweet friend, Shay, (am I allowed to call her a friend if I've never met her and just love her blog?) posted this blog post all about prayer.  It was the sweetest and most inspiring post I've seen.  Shay asked us to post prayer requests and she would pray for them.  It was incredible to see all these women who have never met come together and offer one another prayer.  Some of the ladies mentioned taking a walk and using that time to pray.  I did that this morning on my run and it was so nice to have such uninterrupted prayer time.  This month I'm focusing on more God time.  I'm participating in my first Beth Moore bible study, James, and I cannot wait.
2. Walk dog 2x/week: It's so easy to put my dog out in the backyard when it's time for her to do her business.  Freedom doesn't get walked nearly as much as she should; I'll walk her a block or two but that's it.  This month I'm going to start taking her on longer walks at least twice a week.  Plus, this will give me uninterrupted time to pray while getting in extra steps!
3. Clean makeup brushes weekly: Sure, I have a spray that I mist on my brushes after (some) uses, but it's time that I crack down and wash my brushes more.  These brushes are used on my face daily and have so much makeup residue and germs stuck in them.  It's pretty gross to think that I use something that dirty on my face daily.  It's definitely time for a change.
4. Catch up on magazines: Ladies, I have a confession.  This is what the floor of my bedroom looks like: 
I have so many issues of magazines I need to get caught up on, I'm drowning in them.  I don't even know how many I'm subscribed to.  As a person with a degree in magazine journalism, I don't believe in too many magazines, it's all research! ;)  I have issues of some magazines dating back to last year that I haven't read yet.  By the end of July, I hope to have cleared out this stack of magazines!
5. Try a new place in NYC: I'm headed to one of my favorite cities this month: New York City!  I love the bright lights, the hustle and bustle, Broadway and of course, the food!  We have our favorite restaurants and always eat there.  While it's great to have favorites, it can also be limiting because we don't try different places.  My goal for this trip is to branch out and try a new eatery! 

What are your new month resolutions for July?  Do you have any prayer requests for me to add to my list during my runs and walks?

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