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Monday, September 14, 2015

NYFW Day 2: Rebecca Vallance and INC

Welcome to the official start of New York Fashion Week.  I had shows the day before the official start, hence why I'm calling today's post Day 2.  My first stop of the day: Rebecca Vallance at The Space at Skylight Clarkson Square.

Let me start off by saying just how gorgeous Rebecca is!  I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple times in the showroom and honestly, I could just sit and listen to her talk all day; she's from Australia and has the best accent.  Rebecca is known for her structured tailoring and says of this Spring/Summer collection that it's all about the woman finding her sexuality.  The prints in the collection are inspired from 70's wallpaper.  She said the Rebecca girl loves fashion and is all about making trends her own.  I absolutely LOVE this collection; it's so beautiful and something I would actually wear!  Plus, her prices aren't too too bad...I just couldn't eat for a couple weeks.  Then again, I work in the fashion industry so that's expected right?  TOTALLY KIDDING!!  You guys have seen my blog and know I'm ALL ABOUT food!  Ok, ok, I've bragged about this collection enough, let's take a look at it!

Two of my favorite looks!

Just some of the backstage area.

The background is ready to go!

Rebecca and the girls before the show.

Not so Fun Fact: See those white boxes the models are standing on?  Some of them were dirty so while people painted over them, I was on hands and knees (in a dress!) with a magic eraser cleaning them.

So this show wasn't a runway show, but a presentation.  The girls stood for an hour while people walked around and looked at the clothing.  This is the presentation in progress.  Once the show started, my boss and I hoped in an Uber to run back to the office to prep for our next show.

My first set of Fashion Week credentials!  I was so excited to get them!

My second show of the day didn't start until 6 pm but it was a big one...INC with...wait for it...HEIDI KLUM celebrating 30 years of INC!  Before the show, I was sent to Macy's to pick up some INC dresses for the DJ to wear.  Once I arrived at the venue, I helped get the dressing rooms ready for Heidi and Gabriel Aubry then stayed in the backstage area with the models; I checked them in and out of hair, makeup and nails.  I really liked this event because the clothes are all affordable and I saw some of them earlier in the day when I was at Macy's so the clothes are already available to the public!  Also, I at one point during the evening before the event started I went into the bathroom, and guess who was in there with me...Heidi Klum herself!  YOU GUYS, I USED THE BATHROOM WITH HEIDI KLUM!!!!  #starstheyrejustliketherestofus

I'm already requesting this cake for my birthday.  I didn't get to taste it, but I could sit and stare at it all day.

Models getting ready backstage.

The nail table.

I wish you guys could smell these flowers.  See how pretty they are?  They smell even better than they look!  Within 20 minutes of delivery, the entire space smelled wonderful.  They had these small arrangements and large centerpieces.

The runway before the show.  Here's another fun fact for you, the runways at most shows are covered right up until showtime.  That saves from scuffs and making interns take a magic eraser to them just minutes before showtime.  It makes perfect sense to cover it, but it's not something you think about.

Heidi, Gabriel and the models right before hitting the runway.

The view from both ends of the runway.

Happy birthday, INC!

On the red carpet!

Also, did you know INC is pronounced "ink"?  All my life I've called it I-N-C.  #youlearnsomethingneweveryday

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