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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rose Recap: The Bachelor Episode 2

How much did you love episode 2?  Girls at work are complaining that Ben is boring, but I think it's the complete opposite.  I absolutely love watching him every week.  Along with Sean Lowe, he seems like the most sincere bachelor.

Forget about breaking the internet, I think ABC broke TVs, cable and DVRs everywhere with this shot.  From all the women in America, thank you, ABC!

Also, why is Ben staying at a hotel and not the bachelor-pad most of them get?

The first date card comes and we cut to Lace admitting she got a too little drunk and a little too emotional at the first rose ceremony, uhhhh, ya think?  

Jackie, LB, Lauren H., Becca, Amber, Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace are picked to go on the first group date.

We cut to Lace again talking about how she wants to make out with Ben during the date says for the first time (out of at least five) that she's "not a crazy girl at all."  Girlfriend, that right there is code for "I'm crazy beyond belief."

The girls pull up to Bachelor High for their date where they are greeted by ....

Principal Belding Harrison.  I wish Chris Harrison would've been my high school principal.  How cool would that have been?  He tells the girls the date is a competition -- of course -- and sends them off to "class."

The competition starts with the girls pairing up and trying to make "Ben's volcano explode."  Seriously.  Make. his. volcano. explode.  Thank you, Mr. Harrison!  The instructions are vague, instead of giving directions with actual ingredients, it lists things like "love, friendship, trust, communication" you get the idea.

Jubilee is convinced that Lace can't read and they are eliminated when they can't get Ben's volcano to "explode."  Jubilee says she won't murder Lace, but she "may tactfully disappear."  Promise??

 Next up is bobbing for apples, but only the red ones, because that's the color of Ben's heart.

Jackie has trouble but blames it on the fact that Ben is so adorable and she can't concentrate on what she's doing.  She's eliminated from the competition.

The girls compete in geography and it's painfully funny to watch.  Someone please get these girls a map.

Bless Becca's heart -- she has no idea where Indiana is or what the state even looks like.  Needless to say, she's eliminated from the competition.

Let's be honest here, if I was on this date and made it this far, I'd still be trying to make the free throw.

The last round of competition is jumping hurdles to get to Ben.  Mandi (the crazy dentist) wins and is crowned homecoming queen.

Now we move on to the night part of the date and Becca steals Ben away first -- to a basketball court where homegirl shows she has game...and Ben misses.  He blames it on his shirt being too tight and Becca tells him it's ok if he takes it off, she won't complain.  I knew I liked that girl! ;)  Anyway, the two of them are so stinkin' cute together.

Ben sits down with Jennifer and wastes no time in kissing her.  When she gets back to the group of girls, they ask her if they kissed and she says yes.

This does not sit well with Lace so she takes matters into her own hands and hunts Ben down, interrupting his time with Mandi.  She then rambles about how he saw a side of Lace she didn't want him to see.  Lace is very impressed with his eye contact during their alone time.  She wants to kiss him and she knows he wants to kiss her.  Then there's an awkward stare between the two of them and thankfully Jubilee comes in and breaks them up!

Meanwhile, back at the house, a date card arrives and this is Olivia's face.

Little does she know, the date doesn't go to her, but to Caila (the one who dumped her boyfriend to go on the show).  Maybe Olivia should have gone on the group date.  She would have rocked at bobbing for apples!

Back to the group date, Jubilee opens up about how she was born in Haiti and adopted.  Then he kisses her.  It seems like Ben is taking Mr. Soules advice of kissing all the girls.  Once Jubilee gets back to the group setting, Lace attacks her for interrupting her time right before they were about to kiss.  She complains that Jubilee had "the whole night" with Ben and she hasn't had enough time.  So what does she do?  She hunts down Ben ... again, this time interrupting LB.  She comes in saying "I'm not crazy."  Psh, yeah, that's what they all say.

Ben comes looking for JoJo and takes her to his "special little location" on top of building.  It's super sweet and she ends up getting the coveted date rose.

Next thing we know, it's Caila's date and she's picked up by not only Ben, but Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.  The two actors are taking Ben and Caila on a "ride along" date that's all about being cheap. They pull over to the side of the road and Ben buys flowers for Caila.  After a quick stop at the liquor store, they're back on the road and Ben starts asking Caila questions and getting to know her.  Next stop on the date is a hot tub store.

Kevin gets in the hot tub in the store with the two and it feels a lot like this:
Remember last season when Jimmy Kimmel got in the hot tub with Chris and Kaitlyn?

Once the two ditch Kevin and the hot tub, it's time for dinner and a surprise concert by Amos Lee.  When Amos plays "Learned A Lot," Ben tells Caila that's his favorite song ever and I don't know how it's possible, but Ben gets even cuter.

You can tell he's so excited and it's just the most precious thing ever.  And then he starts singing along and his hottness goes up even more.  I don't know if homeboy can sing, but he looks good doing it.  Oh, and by the way, Caila got the rose that night and is safe for another week.

The final group date for the week takes place and includes Emily, Shushanna, Sam, Olivia, Haley and Amanda.  The girls are taken to a "Love Lab" where they will see how they match up with Ben scientifically.  They go through a series of tests including a retinal tracking, a chemical/thermal energy test and our favorite: the pheromone test.  The girls ran on a treadmill and then Ben smelled them.  That's right, he smelled them to see if he was attracted to their pheromones.

Obviously, the girls were a little nervous to have Ben smell them after working up a sweat.  Heck, I was nervous and I wasn't even on the date.  I don't want anyone smelling me after I workout.  He liked everyone's scent except poor Samantha's -- he said she smelled sour.

Poor girl.  The "expert" tried to make it better by saying sweet and sour was good in Chinese food.  Ummmm???  I'm not sure that helped the case. 

During the chemical/thermal energy test, Olivia kept trying to get Ben to kiss her, but he stuck to his guns and said no, that the other girls were watching.  Props for that, Ben.  When the data came back, science says Sam and Ben aren't a good match, but that unfortunately Olivia is.

During the evening part of the date, Amanda tells Ben that she has two little girls and he takes the news really well.  He even tells her that if she talks to the girls tomorrow, to tell them hello from him.  I mean, c'mon!  SO. SWEET!!

The sweetness is ruined when we cut to a group shot and he gives the date rose to Olivia who later says she doesn't know what a rose ceremony is and the show can just stop now and everyone can go home.

Can we take a break for just a second and talk about this:
Is Ben really wearing a hoodie and a blazer?  I think so.  Maybe it's just me, but he pulls it off.  Plus, most of the time, he's given his jacket to the girls so he's just in the hoodie.

Now it's time for the second rose ceremony and nerves are running high.

Just look at Ben giving Leah his jacket.  This gives me hope that chivalry isn't dead!

Olivia -- who has a rose, remember! -- is lurking in the shadows spying on Ben while he talks to the other ladies.  She then snags him for herself -- even though, let me say it again, she has a rose!

Lace pulls Olivia aside to "get to know her" and it's too much crazy to take.  I'm not even sure what happens during this conversation.  It's basically Lace saying she hasn't had enough time with him, they don't know one another and she always gets interrupted when she's with him.  Blah blah blah.

Lace then finds Ben and has another conversation that I can't follow.  Something about being bold and a lot to handle; she was dorky looking as a kid and then starts describing a picture and I'm so lost.  Apparently this is a big thing to tell Ben, but I'm not sure what it is.  Lauren B. to the rescue, thank goodness!

Ben takes her to the front steps and gives her a copy of a picture taken of the two of them in the exact same spot from the first night.  It was so cute.  Ben was all about giving out little gifts as he also gave Lauren H. a ribbon for the biggest volcano explosion.

The sweetest gift of the night goes to Amanda: he and Amanda make hair barrettes for her daughters. I seriously had the biggest, goofiest smile on my face watching this.  #bestillmybeatingheart
It's also super cute when he doesn't realize that barrettes snap open and close.  I don't know why, but I found that super funny.

Chris Harrison interrupts the fun to say it's time for the rose ceremony.

JoJo, Caila and Olivia already have roses.  During the ceremony, Ben gives roses to Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B., Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, LB (who pulls Ben aside and declines the rose), Jennifer, Emily, Jamie, Lauren H., Sushanna, Haley and Amber.

Samantha, Jackie and Mandi are all sent packing along with LB who excused herself.

Let's recap:
Lace says she's not crazy no less than 5 times
Chris Harrison should have been my high school principal
Olivia makes terrible faces
Ben wore a hoodie with a blazer
Lace isn't crazy
Ben made hair barrettes for Amanda's girls
Lace isn't crazy
I totally should have been on this season
The end.

Oh and P.S. Lace isn't crazy

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