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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rose Recap: The Bachelor Episode 8

Let me start by saying, I think Ben's stylist was on vacation this week.  Did you see the pants we was wearing in the beginning the episode?  His short shorts?  What about the old-man cardigan he was wearing when he went to JoJo's?

And then I saw that Becca tweeted this and I laughed and felt it needed to be shared.

We start the date out on Laguna Beach with Amanda.  She gives Ben a quick rundown of her girls and then they arrive and hearts all over Bachelor Nation melted as we were introduced to Kinsley and Charlie.
Look at those cute little pigtails and the sass Kins is giving Ben and all the cameras!  How precious!
See!  There are the short shorts I was talking about!
Kinsley (the older daughter) is a little more receptive to Ben than Charlie is, but they're going to make him work for their friendship.  They have him building sandcastles, chasing one another and flying kites.
How sweet is this moment?
But that moment quickly turns into this when they get into the car:
After a day at the beach, Amanda's girls are worn out as they drive back to meet the parents.
Amanda's parents aren't completely sold on Ben just yet and question if he's ready to be an instant dad.
Amanda sits down with her mom and opens up about how embarrassed she was when she got divorced and she completely broke my heart.
Meanwhile, Amanda's dad grills Ben and reiterates how the kids need to come first and how much his life would change becoming a stepdad.
Then it's bedtime for the girls and are they not the cutest little family during story time?
Ben leaves but not before telling Amanda to thank her family for him.
Maybe they just didn't show it, but Ben didn't ask Amanda's dad permission to marry his daughter.  In fact, he didn't ask any of the fathers; I think this is a first in Bachelor history.

Next stop is Portland with Lauren B. and we learn that Portland is the city of roses.  I can only assume that the city sponsors the show and that all roses used are from Portland.
Lauren and Ben's date takes place in heaven at the local food trucks and we learn that Lauren LOVES butter
I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I'll take two, please!  It looks like cheese, bread and butter...what more could you want?!?
Then, Lauren takes Ben to a whiskey library.  I didn't know these places existed, but I need to visit one now.  This place is gorgeous!  Is anyone else up for a trip to Portland with me?  Before you get too comfy, it's time to meet the family.
And in a shocking turn of events, Olivia is there -- just kidding!  Did anyone else see a resemblance between Olivia and Mollie?  Luckily the resemblance stops with looks and doesn't go onto personality.
The family sits down to dinner and we learn that Lauren's dad calls her Lo-lo and I just can't.  I think I'll stick with Lauren.
Mollie sits down with Ben and sister isn't going easy on him.  She asks him how she can believe what he's saying when he says how amazing every girl is to their families.
Mollie asks Ben what stands out to him about Lauren and he chokes up she says he answered her question.  Bottom line: she likes Ben a lot but is still hesitant.
Lauren tells Mollie that Ben is "her person" and she loves him but hasn't told him yet because she wanted him to meet the family first.
Now it's Dad's time with Ben, he lets him know this process is fast and that he dated his wife for many many years before they got married.  WHAT?  You mean normal people don't date someone for a month and then get engaged?  I had no idea! ;)
Lauren's fears get the best of her and she doesn't tell Ben she loves him and now she's kicking herself.

We then travel to "The Heart of It All" and go to Ohio!  Guys, I am so excited for this hometown mainly because Hudson, where Caila lives, is 9 miles from where I went to school at Kent State, so I felt like I was coming home!
Caila deems Ben worthy enough to be taken the bench where she has seen so many other couples sit together.
I don't know about you, but Caila gives me major hair and skin envy.  Girlfriend, please please please share your secrets!
Caila's dad is the CEO of a toy company so she takes Ben to the factory where they design and build their dream house.
Then she takes Ben home to meet the parents and we learn that since her mom is Filipino, it's not uncommon to forgo your individual utensils and use your hands to eat.
Caila's dad gets right down to it and asks what it's like having "microwave fame."  Caila quickly says that's not the way to get to know somebody.
How cute is Caila's mom?  Talk about great family genes -- they seriously look like they're sisters, not mother and daughter.
Ben opens up to Caila's mom about how Caila is worried she can't love him and he's worried he's unlovable.
Meanwhile, Caila tears up while telling her dad that this is it.  However, he's worried that she'll end up getting hurt in the end.
When Caila sits down with her mom, she tells her that she's in love with Ben, but again, the night ends without the girl telling Ben she loves him.

And now, it's time for the most dramatic hometown date ever with JoJo in Dallas.
JoJo walks up to her house to see roses and a sweet handwritten letter; however, as she reads the letter, she realizes it's not from Ben and is from her ex, Chad, in hopes of getting her back.
JoJo can't deal with this and calls Chad to tell him it's over, but is still visibly shaken and teary-eyed when Ben gets to her place.
Here's the old-man cardigan I was talking about earlier.  Also, the Dallas weather isn't good to Ben, his hair looks wet the entire time he's on the couch with JoJo.  Did anyone else notice that?
So JoJo tells Ben about her afternoon and you can tell he's worried she's going to say that she's leaving Ben for Chad, but she doesn't.  She tells Ben she's there for him and she's not going anywhere.
Just look at that house, would ya?
And now, things go from bad to worse for poor JoJo.
There's a very fine line between being a protective older brother and being creepy.  Her brothers crossed that line as soon as she walked in.  The one in the pink shirt would not stop kissing her and neither of the brothers could pull themselves away from JoJo long enough to be introduced to Ben.
Can we talk about how cute Dallas JoJo is?  She's dropping y'alls left and right and I love it!
Things seems to be going well until the brothers start talking.  One of them says they're "really really really attached to Joelle" and he "loves everything about her."  And yes, he really really really did use 3 reallys.
While the brothers are interrogating Ben, JoJo is opening up to her mom and saying she's in love with Ben.
JoJo finally sits down with her brothers and things start to get good.  She tells them about her dates and says that only 2 have been 1-on-1s and that's all they can focus on.  They tell her how can she fall in love with someone she's only been on 2 dates with and she comes back swinging saying she's been on many dates with him where she gets good alone time with him.
The brothers tell her to keep her heart guarded.
This brother is getting ready for a fight.  He tells Ben that he brainwashes the girls too much and he doesn't get the same read on Ben that JoJo does.  He also accuses Ben of being coached on the answers he's given that evening.  Does anyone else feel like we're watching Des and Sean's hometown date all over again?
Meanwhile, Momma's had enough and hits the bottle.
That's right, Momma can't deal with brother bear anymore and drinks the champagne straight from the bottle.
You go girl!
Momma then says JoJo has been holding back emotionally and needs to open up more.  Brother bear tells his mom she needs to take a step back.  EXCUSE ME?!?  Did he really just say that to his mom and on national TV?  Go to your room, brother bear!
Dad decides it's time to have the final word and says he believes Ben and he's answered all his question.  In other words, his sons have embarrassed him enough and he wants this night to end.

It's rose ceremony time and Ben decides to send Amanda home.
Saying goodbye to Amanda broke my heart, I really thought she would make it to at least the top 3 after Ben brought her girls into the situation.  I was so proud of how Amanda handled herself during her goodbye, though, she was so poised.  Her only question was why he didn't do it during the hometown and he said he didn't know then until he saw how the other relationships progressed.  Fair enough.  I don't think this is the last we'll be seeing of Amanda, though!  Future Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise cast member perhaps?

What were your thoughts on the episode?  Let me know and I'll see you back here next week after the overnights.

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