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Monday, June 1, 2015

New Month Resolutions: June

The past couple of years instead of New Year's Resolutions, I've tried doing New Month Resolutions.  I hate to admit that I haven't done very well with the follow through, but I'm hoping this year will be different.  Now I have you guys to keep me accountable!  I'm hoping that by sharing my monthly resolutions with you, I'll do better following them.  Before, I would try to make my monthly goals but not tell anyone.  Hopefully, now that the goals are out in the open, I'll do better!

Why every month? I hope that by adding in small changes every month, it becomes habit.  I've heard it takes 20-30 times for something to become a habit.  Maybe that's why there are roughly 30 days in every month?  My goal is that by the end of the month, it doesn't feel like an effort.
June New Month Resolutions

1. 10,000 Steps a day: I set this as a goal every month and it's something I've yet to accomplish.  I have a feeling this is the month, though.  It's nice outside so hopefully it will be easier to get steps in.
2. Clean out closet: A new season, a new closet.  It's time to switch out my winter closet for my summer one and in doing so, I need to clean out my clothes.  
3. Eat from garden: Mom and I planted a garden last month and we already have a few tomatoes and peppers starting to grow.  I can't wait to be able to pick food fresh from the garden and then eat it.
4. Link up twice: I've been reading a couple blogs and they do what's called "linking."  It's when a blogger invites other people to blog about the same topic or theme they are covering and everyone submits a link to their post.  I've never done this before and am excited to find some to participate in this month.
5. Read 3 books: Last June I only read 3 books but I'm challenging myself to up that to 3 this June.  Let me know if you have any book suggestions!

Have a great June and feel free to share your New Month Resolutions!

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