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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paige's Wedding!

Happy Wedding Bell Wednesday!  Remember Paige?  You can catch up on her bridal shower here.  This past weekend was her wedding weekend.  Not only was the wedding beautiful, it was so much fun.  We were on the dance floor for close to 3 hours!  You've been warned, this post is picture heavy!

The Thursday before the wedding I chopped 18 green peppers ...

... to help make black beans for the reception.

While the beans cooked Friday, we decorated the church.

Yes, that's my dad walking down the aisle.

The night before the wedding, we spent the night at the bride's house and watched "The Rugrats Movie."

The next morning it was time to get out makeup done at MAC.

The sister of the bride, Jackie, getting her makeup done.

Paige getting the finishing touches!

Kara, the Maid of Honor, helping Paige get ready.

Waiting for Justin.

I'm not a fan of "first looks" pictures, but I love these.  This way you get a picture before the ceremony but the bride and groom still don't see one another. 

I love this picture! Nothing like a little more deodorant before the ceremony.

Paige made her own bouquet and included pins from her late grandmother.

The godmother and mother of the bride.


With Mom.

We've been together since birth and I was so honored to get to stand next to her on her big day.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Justin Crowder!

Time for the reception!

I love my family.

The first dance.

The ceiling of the barn was so pretty with all the lights.

The cake.

Cutting of the cake.

Don't let this picture fool you, I had to clean icing out of her nose!

Just a girl and her godfather.

New siblings!

The three of us have been together since before we were born.

Selfie with Jackie!

Mom loves this picture of us dancing to Flo Rida's "Low."

The wedding was so beautiful and I wish Paige and Justin all the best.

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  1. Wow! This wedding looks like so much. There are beautiful lights, dance and an amazing couple. Congratulations to them. My sister is also getting married next month in one of the finest venues in NYC and I am very excited for the fun we all are going to have.