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Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Gnome Workshop Portable Charger

Always be prepared.  I could have never survived as a boy scout.  We're known for having summer storms that knocks our electricity out; when they come through, I'm never prepared, my phone is usually at 25% and my Kindle about the same.  I have to rummage through my house to find a charging brick and then have to pass it around my family so everyone can charge a little.  Well, the sweet people at Gnome Workshop sent me this:

a portable charger that has 2 USB ports and that has made such a difference.  I'm more than willing to share now or I can charge two of my own devices at once.  This is extremely helpful as we road trip.  Usually I have my GPS plugged in the cigarette lighter until we get to a long stretch of road, then I unplug it and alternate between charging my phone and my iPod.  (What is a road trip without some great music to go along with it?!)  Now, the GPS remains plugged in and I get to charge everything else at once.  Plus, there's a flashlight built in!  That comes in handy when it's dark and I need to dig through my bag to find my charging cords.

The charger is solid, but not too bulky. It's still easily portable and considering I don't have a car charger for my phone, I love that I can take it with me! The charger also stays fairly cool to the touch, just around the USB does it get a little warm, but overall, the whole charger stays cool. The charger is also very quick. It usually takes my kindle a while to recharge, but within 20-25 minutes, I had charged 20%! The charger has a great battery life! I was able to charge my phone twice in the car and still had 3/4 of my battery left!

As a bookworm, this charger is so convenient! Now, I never have to wait for my kindle to charge again! I simply plug my kindle into the charger and it's instantly portable and I can read anywhere! Definitely a HUGE plus!

I highly recommend this charger to anyone looking for one!  You can get it here and it's currently on sale for $19.99!

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