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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Show and Tell: High School Angela

I'm linking up with Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesdays.  With schools starting up, it's so hard to believe it's been 10 years since I started high school.  High school was a big change for me, I'd gone to private school for 1-8 grade but decided to switch to the public school for high school.  I went from a class of 21 with only 7 boys, to a class of 600 -- oh yeah, and NO UNIFORMS!  I can still tell you what I wore to high school orientation: a blue wrap shirt with a yellow tank under it and blue and white shorts.  Believe it or not, I still wore my first day of high school outfit until this summer when I decided it was time to retire it.

Fall semester of freshman year, I was the girl at every event.  I went to football games: freshman and varsity (sorry JV, I didn't go to your games!) as well as soccer games.  I loved the change from private school to public.  I remember one morning walking to Spanish class, my first class of the day, and passing people in the hall who nodded or waved at me and thinking that was so cool!  During middle school, my class traveled from room to room together so we never passed each other in the hallway since we were always together.

It wasn't until second semester that I found where I truly belonged: the journalism room and the "theatre geeks."  I auditioned for the local production of Les Mis and was cast in it.  I quickly went from the girl at all the football games to missing everything for rehearsal ... and I loved it!  I had been in a handful of local productions growing up, but once the theatre bug bit again in high school, there was rarely a time I wasn't in a show!  When I wasn't at rehearsal, I could be found in the journalism room.  My teacher, Mrs. Hale, changed my life and is the reason I ended up getting a journalism degree in college.  By junior year I served as editor-in-chief paper and was known to go to bed with old yearbooks and a marker correcting errors.  Senior year, though, I said goodbye to the paper and hello to college -- at least part time!  I attended half a day of high school, took a college class, worked part time and was in a show.  Can you tell I like to stay busy?

I took every honors class and a handful of AP classes.  I was in several clubs including Key Club, Student Council, Drama Club, Beta Club, Spanish Honorary and I somehow ended up in Mu Alpha Theta, the math honorary!  Junior and senior year I was also part of our school's Chamber Choir.  Ok, enough telling, now it's time to show high school Angela.

Freshman year homecoming and this little private school girl got voted onto homecoming court!

In 2006, a film crew came to town to make the movie We Are Marshall about the 1970 plane crash that devastated Huntington by killing the entire football team and several fans.  Mom let me skip school one day to be an extra on the set.  I'm in the final scene, but I can't find myself in it.

I'm pretty sure this was the last day of freshman year.  Fun fact: that's the shirt I wore to orientation

Sophomore homecoming!  Our dresses coordinated for every dance.  Seriously!  And we didn't even plan it!  I guess that's what happens when you've been friends since birth.

Mrs. Hale and some of the newspaper girls on her last day before retirement.

The summer between sophomore and junior year, I was accepted to attend Governor's School for the Arts, an audition-only camp.  I went for acting.  This is what we did when we got to our room and the instructor wasn't there yet.

Junior year I got the part of Gabriella in High School Musical and my best friend got the part of Ryan.  This is us practicing our jumping picture.

Junior year also brought about show choir.  This is just some of the group at one of our competitions.

I'm not exactly sure when this picture was taken, but in high school, we started our Elf movie night party.  Every Christmas, it's the last movie we watch and we have a big party.  My dad dresses up as Buddy the Elf and makes chili.  The party has now evolved into a pajama party and we're very serious about it.  If you don't come dressed in pajamas, you get to wear a nightie of mine!

This is one of my favorite pictures, ever.  I loved my hair, my dress, my makeup, the group of people I went with ... everything about junior prom.

I took my senior trip the summer before my senior year because my dad was working in NYC and his company had a hotel room for him.  Mom and I tagged along with my dear friend Josh and his mom. This is Josh on the subway for the first time.  Oh how times have changed, he now lives in the city and doesn't think twice about taking a subway.

My senior show was Peter Pan and I was an Indian as well as adult Wendy.  I actually got the call to play adult Wendy while I was in NYC with Josh.  We were headed to dinner and my phone rang with the director offering me the part.

I mean, who doesn't love a good senior picture?

And then I graduated.

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.  I hope you'll join us for the next Show and Tell when we talk about where we were on 9/11.

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