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Thursday, September 17, 2015

NYFW Day 3 Part 2: Betsey Johnson

Oh Betsey!  I can only hope to be half as fabulous and spunky as she is when I'm 73!  Well, let's be honest, I can only hope to be half as fabulous and spunky (and flexible! Have you seen her splits?!?!) as Betsey at 24!  Seeing her show was so magical.  Words truly can't do the show justice.  It's a nonstop party from when the first person arrives backstage to when the last person leaves.  Champagne was flowing and a DJ was spinning and that's before the show even started.

Upon arrival, I helped place seat cards, programs and gift bags for 1,000 guests.

Some of the signs backstage.  They had these everywhere!

There was even a sign for us!

A wall of Betsey!

The models during rehearsal.

This show was so cool!  This is the 50th anniversary of Betsey and she dedicated this show to her former dance teacher, Ann Pimm, who is now 93 and based out of Wethersfield, CT. She even made the trip to the city for the show!

The name of the show was "The Curious Case of Betsey Button".

Waiting for the show to begin!!  I helped seat people and then headed to the back of the house to watch the show.  This show featured clothes from every decade of Betsey's career.  I wish I had better pictures, but I was too far away and too focused on the show.

The model walks were so different from the regular serious walk.  Betsey's models danced up the runway and sang along to the music.  When I tell you it was a party from to start to finish, that party carried onto the runway.  It made me want to be a model just to be up there dancing and joining in on the fun.

I totally teared up during the last collection.  The music changed to Broadway songs: "Don't Rain on My Parade" kicked it off, and I got instant chills.  Everything just sank in.  I was at Fashion Week.  I was WORKING Fashion Week.  How surreal is that?

Everyone stood up to see the famous split and cartwheel which blocked my view some so the next few pictures are from Getty Images.

Then the models ran out with balloons:

A Betsey show is truly an experience and so much fun.  I still can't believe I got to work it; but I have this baby to make it real!

And as if my day wasn't great enough, I got upgraded to a signature room when I checked into my hotel!  Thanks, Hotel Edison!

I then proceeded to sleep for almost 9 hours!  The end.

Oh, and one more Betsey quote because she's just the best.

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