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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Book Review

It's finally beginning to feel like fall.  I spent the month of September in New York City and it was hot!  It hasn't been until the last few days that it's seemed like fall.  I'm so excited to wear boots, sweaters and hoodies!  And we can't forget pumpkin everything!  I can't wait to curl up read read read during October.  Until then, let's take a look at the books I've read this month.

The Perfect Letter by Chris Harrison
Is there anything this man can't do?  Not only does he host the most dramatic shows ever, he's an author, too; and a good one at that!  The whole time I read this book, I kept thinking if they make this a movie, I want to play Leigh.  She's a country girl living in the Big Apple and is a book editor...does that sound like anyone you know? ;)  The book reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks book and I hope Chris Harrison writes another book ... SOON!

Meet Your Match by Lindzee Armstrong
I've now read every one of Lindzee's books and am impatiently waiting for the release of Not Your Match.  Remember how I said my only complaint about Miss Match was that I wanted more background into Brooke and Luke?  This was the answer!  Well, actually, it was released before Miss Match but I didn't know that and read that book first.  I've talked about this book so much that my mom has finally downloaded it and is almost halfway through.  In fact, she just called out "My book is going to end too soon!"  Good thing there's another book in the series she can read!

Fudge Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke
Another month, another Hannah Swensen mystery.  These books are such great reads and offer recipes, too!  I love the small town setting and feel like I'm at home in Lake Eden.  If Hannah is ever looking for more help at The Cookie Jar or solving mysteries, sign me up!

What books have you read this month?  I'm always up for suggestions!  Be sure to follow me on Goodreads to keep up with all my reads!

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