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Monday, November 9, 2015

New Month Resolutions: November

Happy November!  I know I'm a little late, but there's no time like the present for some New Month Resolutions.  Let's take a look back at October...and let me go ahead and warn you, I didn't do the best job with them.

1. Blog books as a go: I did okay on this one.  I finished a couple books while traveling so I didn't blog about them right away, but once I was settled, I blogged about books as I finished them.
2. Read 4 books: Check!  In fact, I read 5 books.  Check out my October book review and be sure to let me know of any recommendations you have!
3. Seamless Bible Study: I hate to say how poorly I did with this one.  I started out strong, but with traveling I got further and further behind.  I have been working on it though.
4. Unpack: I actually did this one, packed, unpacked, packed and then unpacked again.  There was lots of traveling -- and even a big move in there -- for me and believe it or not, I've unpacked (almost) everything.  There are still a couple of pairs of shoes in my car, but I'm counting this one as a success.
5. Embrace fall: This one is a hard one to judge, but I have had lots of pumpkin! ;)  Also, I've really been noticing the changing leaves.  They were so pretty on my drive from Huntington to New Jersey.

1. Get involved: Now that I'm starting to settle into my new place, this month is all about getting involved and making Westfield feel like home.
2. 12 Cookies of Christmas Prep: Last year, I did the 12 Cookies of Christmas on a whim.  It was very last minute and I was making cookies every day.  I haven't decided if I'm doing cookies again this year or different goodies, but whatever I do, I'm going to start making them this month.
3. Wash foundation brush weekly: I know I've tried this one before, but I failed so I'm going to try it again.  My chin has really broken out lately, so I'm hoping washing my brushes more will help.
4. Read 3 books: Last year I read 2 books during November, I'm pushing myself for 3 books this year.
5. Turn 25!: There's not too much I can do about this, but it's just a friendly reminder that my birthday is this month -- the 19th the be exact!  Did you know there are so many freebies you can get for your birthday?  I keep track of them from year to year, so be on the lookout so you can make the most out of your birthday.

Enjoy November!

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