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Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  It's so hard to believe Christmas is in 3 weeks.  3 WEEKS!!!  How did that happen? I'm so excited!  This time of the year is my favorite!  And speaking of favorites, I'm linking up with NarciAndrea and Erika to share this week's Friday Favorites! 

This week kicked off the second annual 12 Cookies of Christmas and I'm obsessed.  I've discovered some delicious cookies and hope you have, too.  You can catch up on this year and last year right here.

I wouldn't have been able to get through the 12 Cookies of Christmas without my cookie scoop.  It makes sure that all my cookies are the same size which is great.  I picked this up from Target and it's the oxo brand.

I also wouldn't be able to get through the 12 Cookies of Christmas without my new-to-me KitchenAid mixer.  When my grandfather overheard me talking about looking for Black Friday deals on mixers, he offered me his.  He said he didn't use it anymore and said he wanted it put to good use and knew I would.  It has been a lifesaver; before I was using a hand mixer and it just wasn't cutting it.  My arm got tired and I felt like the hand mixer didn't have enough oomph for cookie dough.  Needless to say, I'm in love with my KitchenAid mixer.

Since I'm not going to be in my apartment much over the holidays and there isn't any storage space, I came to the (very difficult and sad) decision to not get a tree for my place.  I've been burning my Diamond Candle in Cinnamon Pinecone like crazy.  I love Diamond Candles because not only do they smell amazing, they come with a ring inside!  How fun is that?  In fact, it's so much fun, we're giving you 20% off your entire purchase just by clicking here.

I love my little apartment and am slowly starting to decorate it.  I feel like adding books to my TV stand instantly made my place feel homier.  Fun fact: the glitter "A" lights up!

One last thing, when I was home, my mom and our friends went to Wine and Design and this is what we painted.  This was my second time going and I had so much fun.  We were all a little stressed during the painting because we couldn't understand why we would put lime green on the snowman but we had a good time and the paintings turned out cute!

Have a great weekend!

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