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Friday, January 29, 2016

January Book Review

How amazing would that be?  I'm all for adding an eighth day solely for reading.  Is anyone else with me?  Until that actually happens, here's a look at what I read this month.

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
This was a book I really really wanted to like, but didn't.  I'd heard so much about the book but once I actually read it, I found it to be a little boring and slow moving.  Maybe it's just one of those cases where you hear so much about something that it can't live up to expectations.  I felt like it took forever to interweave the three main characters.  For a bit of the book, I felt like I was reading 3 separate stories.  Even once we saw how the characters played a part in the lives of one another, I wish we would have seen more of that interaction.  Overall, this book just didn't do it for me.

Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky
We got sent this book at work and as soon as I read the cover for it, I knew it was something I had to read. It's about these 4 girls obsessed with a boy band (does that sound like anyone to you ;)? )  I was surprised at the language used in this book, not something I would expect from a YA novel. The book follows the four friends as they kidnap a member from a popular boyband and decide how to handle everything.  The book was actually kind of sad because I'm sure there are fangirls out there crazy enough to do what these four did.  The ending was a little sudden and there were some holes in the story.  Overall, it was an easy read, but not my favorite.

It's All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick
This was another book I picked up from book and it seems the theme for this month's books must have been teenage girls rebelling because that's what this book was about, too.  A straight-laced girl is sent to keep an eye on her wild movie star cousin for the weekend and of course trouble follows them.  This wasn't a favorite of mine, I found the book to drag out.

What books have you read this month?  I'm always up for suggestions!  Be sure to follow me on Goodreads to keep up with all my reads!

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