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Monday, February 1, 2016

February To-Do List

Best To-Do List ever!  I found this online and totally agreed with it.  I've decided this year, instead of monthly resolutions, I'm calling it my to-do list.  Before we get on to February's list, let's take a look back at January.  It was short and sweet:

1. Drink water as soon as I wake up: So far so good on this one!  This is something I'm going to try and carry out permanently.
2. Read my Jesus Calling in the morning: I succeeded on this one, too.  I would get my glass of water and curl up in bed with my devotional.  This is another thing I'm going to try and carry our permanently.

Now on to February's To-Do list:
1. Get ready for prom: Guys, I get to go to prom again!  I've volunteered to help out with Tim Tebow's Night To Shine which is a prom for people with special needs.  I've seen videos and it looks like so much fun.  I still need to decide on what to wear.  The event is the 12th so time is ticking!  I don't want it to be the day before and me still not have be ready.  I also need to remember, it doesn't matter what I end up wearing, all that matters is that my "buddy" has a night to remember!
2. Get tickets: My parents are coming to New York City next month, so I need to get our tickets for shows.  Mom and I will do student rush and lottery tickets, but my dad only has free time to see a couple shows so we want to make sure he has tickets for shows he wants to see.
3. Journal 2x a week: I've had a journal for as long as I can remember, but I'm pretty inconsistent at writing in it.  This month, I want to make it a point to journal at least 2 times a week.
4. Faster at laundry: When I do laundry, I have a bad habit of letting clothes sit in the dryer for a while before folding them ... or I'll just pull clothes out of the dryer as I need them.  Not this month, once the clothes are dry, I'll fold them and put them away.

What's on your To-Do list for this month?

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