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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rose Recap: The Bachelor Episode 4

The episode starts out with Chris Harrison telling the girls they're headed to Vegas.  Insert lots of squealing, frantic packing, a plane ride and this face:
After getting to Vegas, the girls walk the strip and see this sign:
Insert even more squealing and Jojo saying how romantic it is.  I'm sorry, but you're sharing that sign with 13 other girls, how romanic can that be?
Anyway, Jojo gets the first date card and it says: "You set my heart on fire." 
Cut to this awko-taco shot of the twins walking on the treadmill together.  We learn a lot about the twins this week.  They live together, they work together, they share a car, they do everything together.  More on them later, though.
Don't get me wrong, I love Jojo and think she and Ben are so cute together, but her date was pretty boring: a helicopter and dinner.  Wow, that sounds jaded, but I guess that's what watching 20+ season of the show does to you.  You aren't impressed by just a helicopter ride anymore.
The most entertaining part of the date was when the helicopter landed and knocked the champagne and table over.  Ben and Jojo actually had to hide behind the the table for cover.
During dinner, Jojo opens up about her past relationships and all but says she was cheated on.  Jojo kept it classy, I would have named the cheater on national TV for all to see, but she didn't.  She got the rose and the night ended with fireworks.
Meanwhile, Olivia still thinks she has the strongest relationship with Ben and refers to him as her husband several times throughout the episode.  At one point she goes as far to say that Ben is cheating on her.  Hello!  Have you not seen the show before?  That's the whole point, he dates 25 women at one time, but it's not considered cheating.

It's time for the group date and Lauren B., Amber, Jubilee, Lauren H., Amanda, The Twins, Rachel, Caila, Jennifer, Leah and Olivia head out.  They get to The Terry Fator and find out not only are they participating in a talent show, they're opening for Terry Fator and will be performing for 1,200 people.  Some of the talents were legit.
The twins did Irish dancing.
Jubilee played the cello while others just had a good time.  Leah jumped on a pogo stick and Amanda hula hooped, to name a few.  
Poor Lauren H. couldn't come up with anything so homegirl donned a chicken suit and told some corny jokes, because why not?  My heart feels for these girls.  I would have asked if eating was considered a talent and then loaded up food at the buffets and dug in!
Then, as if things weren't awkward enough with the girls "talents," it's time for Olivia.  This happened.

It was so awkward.  I cringed the whole time I watched.  It was like a bad car wreck, you really don't want to see but you can't look away.
This was Ben during the performance.

It was bad enough watching it from home, I can't imagine what it was like watching it live.
After Olivia's performance, she is mortified and has a panic attack.  Why she has the panic attack after the performance and not before or during is beyond me.
In the middle of her freak out, Olivia says, "I don't want to be on TV.  Why can't I just have a moment?"  Again, have you never seen the show before?!?  She also says she's breaking out in "the hives."
When it's time for the cocktail party, Caila is worried she doesn't stand out enough and steals Ben away.  They sit down and she goes in for the kill kiss and it's pretty obvious that Ben hasn't forgotten about her.
Ben, "Little Ben" and Lauren H. have some one-on-one time and it's awkwardly cute.
Olivia finally gets her alone time with Ben and starts apologizing for her talent when one of the twins interrupts them.  I don't know about you, but I've never loved the twins more than in that moment.
Olivia doesn't share that feeling and interrupts Ben when he's with the other twin.  She apologizes again and says she doesn't want Ben to feel guilty.  Ummm, I don't think he felt guilty for your lack of talent.
Lauren B. gets the group rose and the date ends.

Next up is Becca's date and she gets sent a wedding dress to wear on the date and a pink car picks her up.
How amazing is that?!?

Meanwhile, back in the house, Jubilee makes snide remarks about Becca's virginity which only makes her look bad.

While Becca may have been having flashbacks of this.  I imagine the other girls in the hotel room were more like this.

Becca pulls up to a chapel and Ben is there in a tux (be still my beating heart!!) and gets down on one knee.  He then asks Becca to marry people with him.  He surprises her by saying he's ordained and they're going to perform weddings.  Now this is a one-on-one date!
Before they start the ceremonies, Ben takes a second to stretch.
Did anyone else notice that during the first wedding during the repeat after me part, Ben said the entire view without breaking it up?  I commented on that to my friend saying I'm going to need like 3 words at a time.  Ben must have heard me because he only said a few words at a time for the bride.  #liveandlearn

During the evening portion of the date, Ben and Becca talk about their faith and how this time around is different for Becca.  She says she cares so much more than she ever did with Chris.  Ben and Becca then make vows to one another and it's super cute.  She obviously gets the rose.

In a shocking turn of events, Ben asks for an extra date.  This time a twin-on-one.  
Since the girls are from Vegas, he treats the date as a hometown and goes to their house to meet their mom.  While there, the girls each show Ben their rooms.  Haley still has pictures of her ex-boyfriend in her room and it's awkward.  She tries to play it off saying she can't believe they didn't take them down.  I'm sorry, but why didn't you take them down when you broke up?
Emily then puts Haley down saying she's the twin for Ben and that her feelings are stronger.  In the end, Ben agrees and leaves Haley at home and takes Emily back to the hotel.

It's time for the cocktail party and Jennifer steals Ben first but it isn't too long before Olivia swoops in to steal Ben.  During her time, she keeps saying she's sorry she was awkward and she wasn't herself.  Anyway, Ben tells her she doesn't need to apologize and that being awkward is cute.  (HELLO!!!  Awkward person right here!!) Then in her ITM interview, Liv starts talking in 3rd person and it's even more annoying.

Olivia sits down with Jojo and tells her that she told Ben she's falling in love with him and he reciprocated it.  Excuse me, in what world did that happen?  Jojo seems to have her head screwed on correctly and says she finds it hard to say that this early on and without him being able to reciprocate it.

In the end, Amber and Rachel are sent packing.  Next week's episode looks like the most dramatic episode yet.  ;)

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this week's episode.

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