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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rose Recap: The Bachelor Episode 1

Let me start off by saying that ABC really dropped the ball by not casting me this season.  Ben is perfect (for me).  From what I've seen, our values and morals really match up and he seems like such an all around great guy.  He seems really genuine and reminds me a lot of Sean Lowe.  I hope he has a similar outcome to Sean and finds a great "young lady."

For those of you that don't know, this is Ben:
He's 26 (I'm 25!)
He lives in Colorado (I love skiing!)
He's from a small town (Most people don't even know my home state is a state!)
He's a Christian (I love Jesus, too!)
He's in software sales (I like computers!)
He says he's awkward (I know I'm awkward!)
Obviously, you see where I'm going with this.
Oh, and have you seen him?  He's gorgeous!!

Anyway, the episode starts out in his hometown and it's precious.  
Side note: it's a running joke in my family that deer follow me everywhere so when I saw this, I busted out laughing and took it as yet another sign.

Then we are introduced to Ben's parents and I love seeing his whole family together.  You can feel how much they love one another.  And the fact that his parents have been together for 32 years?!?  Impressive.

Even though he's the Bachelor, Ben is still worried that he won't be who/what the women want.  Spoiler alert, Ben: YOU ARE!  To help ease his fears and give him some advice, he sits down with some of the former bachelors.  My question is why is Chris there?  His relationship didn't work out.

Also, can we talk about how Ben towers over the other guys?  Poor Jason looks so tiny in between he and Sean.  Just from his conversation and questions he asked the guys, you can tell he's here for the right reasons.  Meanwhile, Sean and Jason are giving good answers and Chris is just sitting there telling Ben to kiss all the girls.  Maybe that's why it didn't work out for you, buddy??

Anyway, it's time to meet the women!  Just from the first night, I was underwhelmed with the selection.  I'm sure as the weeks go on and we get to know them better, I'll like them more, but as for now...ehhhh.

Out of 4 Laurens, I'm bound to like at least one.  We're introduced to Lauren B. first and she's a 25-year-old flight attendant.  I like her, but worry because she says she was born to be a California girl.  It will be interesting to see if either one of them would be willing to move.

Caila seems really sweet and she's beautiful!  Plus, she's originally from Hudson, Ohio which is 15 minutes from where I went to college.  She reminds me a bit of Catherine Lowe.  Anyone else think so?  It bothers be a little that she broke up with her boyfriend after seeing Ben on TV, but who knows, maybe it will work out for her.

Thank you for serving our country, Jubilee, but you're right...I really don't want to mess with you.

Then there's Mandi, the dentist who showed up with a rose hat.  Homegirl is trying too hard to be weird and be the next Ashley S., but there's only one Ashley Salter.

Also, when Mandi gave Ben the oral exam, was anyone else reminded of Brad Womack getting waxed on the first night?

I just can't even with the twins.

Did anyone else notice that Amanda and her two girls had on matching bathing suits?  Move over, twins, we've got triplets!

Ok, Tiara, a few things:
1. You're not Kelly Travisty, the original animal enthusiast
2. You're also not Ashley Salter who loves (and talks!) to birds

Lauren B. is the first one out of the limo and looks gorgeous in a baby blue dress.  She gives him a set of wings, of course, but it worked.

When it comes to entrances, Caila's was pretty cute!  I mean how sweet is this picture?  Plus, I loved her sparkly dress!

Jennifer forgets to tell Ben her name, but reminds him that Ben and Jen goes together.
Jami rocked a two piece white outfit and admitted to being friends with Kaitlyn.  She seems sweet and I look forward to getting to see more of her.
Jubilee steps out of the limo in a white dress cut down to there (use your imagination).  She tries a pickup line on Ben, but it falls flat.  Nothing compares to Kaitlyn and her one liners!

Then comes Lace, dressed in lace, telling Ben to close his eyes and she plants one on him because she wanted the first kiss.  That should've been your first red flag, Ben, as to what she's like and that she's just in it to win it.

Lauren R. comes out of the limo and the first thing she does is admit to stalking him on social media. I'm all for a good creeping session, but that's not something you say the instant you meet someone.  Save that for a few dates down the road.  She's so into telling Ben how much she stalked him, that she doesn't tell him her name...after Ben asked her repeatedly.

Shushanna comes out and only speaks in Russian.  Poor Ben is so confused and has no idea what to do.

Then out comes Leah with her football.  I thought she was just going to pass it to him, but noooooooo, she bends over and hikes up her dress. 

Then it was time for one of the two most talked about entrances, the unicorn.  It was weird, but as the night went on, Jojo seemed fairly normal.  Other than, you know, arriving in a unicorn mask.

It's time for another Lauren, Lauren H.  She arrives with a bouquet that she caught the weekend before at a wedding.  It was a cute entrance and not one we'd seen before.  Plus, she's a kindergarten teacher!

Next up is Laura, not to be confused with the Laurens we have.  She creepily tells Ben her friends call her Red Velvet then goes inside to complain that she and Lauren B. have on the same dress.

Finally it's Mandi's turn and there are just no words.  She tells Ben that maybe he can pollenate her flower later.  No thanks.

The twins emerge and Ben thinks he's so tired he's seeing double.

Meagan shows up with her horse, but haven't we seen this before?  I'm sorry, you're not Lindzi Cox.

Breanne walks up to Ben and tells him gluten is Satan and then has him break bread with her.  NO!!!  I love me some bread.

Izzy pulls up in a onesie to see if Ben is the "onesie" for her.  I've gotta give it to the girl, she's pretty smart!  I've heard the filming lasts all night and into the morning so why not be comfy?
Rachel literally rolls up on a hover board (sans helmet I may add!  I am a pediatrician's daughter after all!) and I give her credit for admitting that she's unemployed.
Jessica arrives and she gets two really good hugs from Ben, during one of them he even says to her how crazy this night it.  They seem to have a little bit of a connection and I've definitely got my eye on her.

After Tiara's crazy intro video with her chickens, her entrance is actually pretty normal.  Maybe there's more to her than just chickens.

Look at Ben's face as we watched Tiara walk away, isn't that just the sweetest?

We're introduced to our final Lauren who realizes there are far too many Laurens and decides goes by LB.  She's a fashion buyer so she has that in her favor from me.
Jackie gives Ben a save the date card and I'm assuming that's the date of the final episode?  Plus she includes a super cute hashtag: ToHigginsAndToHold

Olivia steps out of the limo and I immediately don't like her.  First off, what 23-year-old is an anchor?  You usually have to start off reporting and work your way up.  She seems fake and as soon as I see her occupation, I tell my mom she's just on the show to get an anchor job with ABC.

How sweet is it that after he meets all the women and before Ben goes into the mansion, he calls his parents!  I mean come on, it doesn't get much cuter than that.

Almost as soon as he enters the house, the crazy dentist steals him away to give him an oral exam.

Then Olivia comes back into the picture and talks about how she quit her job to be on the show.  Did you hear that ABC?  She's currently unemployed and will need a job once she gets sent home.

While Ben is talking to all the other "young ladies" look who arrives!!
It's Amber and Becca!!  Before we get into my thoughts on this, can we take a second and admire how good Becca looks?!?  Dang, girl!  You upped your game this season.  Anyway, I'm a little upset these two get to come back.  I mean they had their chance, right?  Plus, I'm sure there are ways they could've contacted Ben before he became the bachelor.  That being said, I love love love Becca!  I feel like she and I are so much alike and would be besties if we ever met.  I can really see her having a connection with Ben and maybe even being the one.  Plus, you could tell Ben was really excited when Becca walked in.

Poor Lauren H. knows it's game over for now and is really sweet excusing herself so they can talk.

After spying on Ben's conversation with Becca and Amber, it's finally her turn with Ben and honestly, I didn't understand their conversation at all except her asking over and over for another kiss.  Just when it seems like Ben's going to give in and kiss her just to shut her up, they're interrupted by the crazy dentist -- who has already had one-on-one time with Ben.  Don't worry, Ben was a gentleman and found Lace later and explained that he wasn't going to kiss her until he got to know her better.

Enter Chris Harrison with the coveted First Impression Rose -- it goes to Olivia.  Lace then starts complaining how Ben hasn't looked at her once.  Can you say CRAZY??

It's time for the rose ceremony and here's who's safe: Lauren B. (flight attendant), LB (the fashion buyer), Caila (the one who dumped her boyfriend for the show), Amber (from Chris' season), Jami (the one who knows Kaitlyn), Jennifer (Ben and Jen), Jubilee (the war vet we're all scared of), Jojo (the unicorn), Leah (the one who hiked her dress to play football), Rachel (the unemployed hover boarder), Samantha (attorney), Jackie (she made the save the date card), Haley (a twin), Emily (the other twin), Shushanna (the one who doesn't speak English that we know of), Amanda (the mom), Lauren H. (the kindergarten teacher), Becca (from Chris' season), Mandi (the crazy dentist) and just because we need some more crazy in the house: Lace.

That meant we said bye to Tiara (the chicken enthusiast, I guess I was wrong about that look he gave her as she walked away), Meagan (the one with the mini horse), Izzy (the onesie girl), Breanne (the one who thinks gluten is Satan), Lauren R. (the only Lauren to get sent home), Laura ("Red Velvet") and Jessica (the one who got two good hugs, man, I'm off my game -- two of the ones I thought he liked got sent home).

Before the episode can end, Lace pulls Ben aside and calls him out for not looking at her.  Ben is so confused and doesn't know what's going on -- just like the rest of the world!  I bet you're wanting to take that rose back now, aren't you, Ben?

Whew!  What a week!  I can't wait for the rest of the season!

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