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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rose Recap: The Bachelor Episode 9

We've heard time and time again that this week is the most pivotal week because it's fantasy suites and the bachelor and the ladies get time off camera to "talk."
We start off with Ben walking through his hotel room in Jamaica and he tests the bed by pressing down on it.  Anyone else catch that?
Ben opens up about Caila and how loves her smile, but he's worried she can't express herself and he's not sure that she can love someone.
Next up, Ben reflects on Lauren and how seeing her was the closest thing to love at first sight but he wonders if this is too good to be true.  He's already saying he can't picture his life without her.
And last but not least, Ben talks about JoJo and how he's more himself than ever around her but her hometown date is still in the back of his mind.
It's date time and Caila is up first, Ben says he feels that their relationship is the deepest one.
The two go rafting on something that looks like it's a little more than logs taped together.
As they travel down the river, conversation isn't flowing easily -- there's a lot of silence.
Caila is too worried about disrupting the mood of the date to ask the tough questions she has.
Caila opens up to Ben and says she was off today because it finally hit her that there are two other women in the running.
Then she drops the bomb that she's in love with him and she "can feel in his breath that he feels the same."
Now that Ben knows Caila loves him, it's time to give her the key to the fantasy suite and of course she accepts.

Fresh off his overnight with Caila, Ben has his date with Lauren.  Question: Does he go from one overnight date straight to the next or does he get a day in between?
The two take off in a boat and go to a private beach where they will help release a nest of sea turtles.
I've seen sea turtles hatch and go to the ocean and it's the sweetest, funniest thing ever.
During their conversation, they both agree that the other one is too good for them.
Lauren wants to tell Ben she loves him, but, like Caila, she's letting the other relationships get to her.
Did these girls not know what they signed up for?  Of course there are other relationships!  That's the whole gist of the show.
Lauren tells Ben he is the man of her dreams which prompts Ben to invite her to the fantasy suite -- which she accepts.
Once they get to the room, Lauren is all, "There's something I've been meaning to tell you" and she says she's in love with him and has wanted to tell him that for a while.
Instead of the usual awkward thank you, Ben responds by telling Lauren he's known that he's in love with her for a while as well.
And he tells her this not once, not twice, but FOUR times on camera.
I'm pretty sure that's breaking the rules.  You're gonna be in trouble, mister!

After dropping the L-bomb on Lauren, it's time to go have a date with JoJo.
Thank you, JoJo!  It's about time we got one of these run and jump hugs!
It's been a while since we've had a helicopter date so that's what these two do: take a helicopter to a waterfall.  Isn't that what everyone does on a date?
Also, Ben totally needs to pull his trunks up...or not! ;)
JoJo doesn't wait until dinner, she tells Ben at the waterfall that she loves him and he responds with another I love you!  What a rule breaker!
Ben says how incredible it is to get to spend the night with the woman he loves...ummmm, didn't he just do that last night?
And if things weren't awkward enough after telling two girl in 24 hours that he loves them, JoJo and Ben talk about her hometown date.  JoJo says they were protective and nervous and they will love him once they seem them in real life.  I doubt they'll love him anywhere near as much as they love her.
Now it's time for Ben to offer JoJo the fantasy suite key which she happily accepts.
Ben and JoJo are so adorable the next morning telling one another how cute they are. 
I mean is this not the cutest? How precious is Ben with his backpack getting ready to leave?
So let's recap the on-camera I love you's: Lauren and JoJo are at 4 while poor Caila is at 0.

The producers A little birdie told Caila she needs to remind Ben she's still there so she heads off to his hotel room to find him.
If you're dating 3 people, how awkward must this be because you legit have no idea which of your 3 girlfriends it is.
Instead of spending the afternoon together like Caila had planned, Ben takes this as his opportunity to send her home.
After Ben puts Caila in the car, she jumps out and wants answers to questions, mainly if he knew before this week and he said no.
Sidenote: I'm very proud of Caila for putting on a seatbelt in the car...even if she didn't put it on correctly. #canyoutellimadoctorskid?
She also said she feels like her purpose in life is to love people, but hasn't she been saying the whole season she isn't sure she can love him?  I'm confused.

It's time for the rose ceremony and let me tell ya, it's a real nail biter.
And then we are left with this totally awkward group hug.

At this point, I'm Team JoJo.  What about you guys?

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