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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rose Recap: The Bachelor Episode 5

Week 5 starts out with everyone heading to Mexico City and all I can think is that poor poor Megan is still probably trying to find her way home from Bachelor in Paradise.
Remember how on Chris' season she thought that by going to New Mexico she was going out of the country?

Anyway, Olivia is already dropping the l-word again saying how much she loves Ben and he doesn't validate others like he does her.  Meanwhile, Ben validates his feelings for Amanda and gives her the 1-on-1 date and this is how Olivia feels:
But she's not that worried because Amanda has kids gasp!!  Can you believe it?  It's like Olivia just found that out this episode because she references it several times.

Ben starts Amanda's date at 4:19 IN THE MORNING and it's the best thing ever.  I love dates where the bachelor wakes up the contestants because they totally freak.  Lauren H. has her retainer in and Ben tells her it's okay, he sleeps in one, too.  (HELLO, I SLEEP IN A RETAINER, TOO!!  C'mon, ABC, you dropped the ball here by not casting me!)
Jubilee and Olivia share a bed in the hotel room and please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the humor in that.  No one else wants to share a bed with them.
A random weave is sitting on the nightstand and when Ben asks about it, no one fesses us!
Olivia says she doesn't want Ben to smell her "dragon breath" so I guess whatever twin said Olivia's breath smells was right!
Ben finds Amanda and she wakes up looking flawless.  Homegirl has obviously watched the show and knows to be ready incase the bachelor decides to wake you up early.
The two go on a hot air balloon trip over Mexico.
During dinner, Amanda opens up about her past and her divorce.  Amanda felt like her ex always had priorities other than their family and then later found texts from other girls on his phone.  Ben, along with the rest of America, can't believe a guy would be that stupid to treat Amanda that way.  She's gorgeous and seems as sweet as can be!
In the end, Amanda gets the rose.
Don't get me wrong, I love Amanda, but I'm not seeing much chemistry there between the two of them.  Maybe it's just me?
Also, Amanda is the queen of wearing off the shoulder tops.  Am I the only one who wonders what strapless bra she wears?  I find them so uncomfortable and always fall down, but I've never seen her tug at hers one.  Amanda, if you're reading this, please let me know!!

On the group date we have JoJo, Lauren B., Becca, Jubilee, Emily, Caila, Jen, Leah and Olivia.  The girls are headed back to school...again.  This time, they're given a quick lesson in Spanish.
As part of their final, the girls get in front of the "class" and speak sweet nothings to Ben.  Jubilee is not having this and calls Ben out saying she can't believe what he's saying because he's already said to to 4 other women.  Hate to break it to you, Jubes, but he's just reading lines off the board.  He doesn't mean it at all.

After school, the gang puts their Spanish speaking skills to the test as they navigate their way to a restaurant for part 2 of the date: a cooking competition. (Ummmm... I love cooking!  Just sayin' ;) )
Everyone pairs up and Jubilee and Olivia fight over who gets to partner with Ben.  It almost turns into a throw down and in the end, Olivia wins and turns the time with him into a mini 1-on-1.
Emily gets a TON of screen time this week and gives us this beauty saying "Adios, Olivia!"  She also points out that during Ben's time with Liv, he suggests they go try the mint...his way of telling her her breath STINKS!
Ben is totally adorable during the date and calls himself the "Spatch-elor."

It's time for the cocktail party portion of the date and Jubilee is determined that she's going to have alone time with Ben first.
She doesn't.
Olivia interrupts Ben's little speech and steals him away because she obviously hasn't had any time with him during their 1-on-1 group date.
I don't know about you, but I zone out a lot when Olivia talks.  She says Ben is her everything and they kiss a while.
While the other ladies have their time with Ben, Jubilee complains about how hard it is and wonders if Ben even notices her.  I've been fairly nice to Jubilee because, let's face it, I'm scared of her, but has she never seen this show to know how it works?  She survived war, but she can't survive this show?  Don't get me wrong, I am very appreciative of our military men and women, Jubilee included, but there is no way being on The Bachelor is harder than going to war.
For Ben's time with Lauren B., he takes her away from the group and walks around the city with her.  They are precious together.
It's finally Jubilee's time with Ben and she makes a big deal of not holding his hand as they walk away.
Jubilee opens up about how she feels overshadowed and how difficult the situation is.
Ben tells her he's not confident in their relationship and says she's pulling back.  He then calls her out for not holding his hand.  He gets a little almost mean about that one fact, but we'll mark it up to being tired and the fact that he's nervous about what he's about to do next....
Which is send her home!
She's not very jubilant (sorry, I had to!) about this and claims she thinks she's unloveable.  Sorry, Jubes, Ben's already played that card, draw again.

Ben sits back down with the ladies and talks about sending Jubilee home and how hard the evening has been.  JoJo sees an opportunity to comfort him and steals him away.  See, it's normal to comfort someone, not see they're upset and proceed to cry about your cankles. (I'm looking at you, Olivia!)
Speaking of cankles, Olivia gets the group date rose because Ben says they "reconnected" during the date.  After he leaves, she then tells the girls they don't have to tell her congratulations.

It's time for Lauren H.'s date and it's all about fashion!  The two are trying on clothes in a store when they're invited to a Mexico City Fashion Week show.  Once they get down to the rehearsal, they're then told they're going to model in the show!
Can we take a second and admire this picture?  Ben can MODEL!!  He's got the look and the walk down.
During dinner, Lauren H. opens up about her last serious relationship and how her boyfriend had been cheating on her with 3 other women, one of which was her friend.
Moral of the story here folks, you have to have been cheated on to get on the show.
In the end, Lauren H. get the rose.
It was about this point in the episode when I said, "What, no private concert this week?" When this happened.
I told my friend this street performer is just about as well known as the other concerts they've had this season.

It's time for the cocktail party and the comment heard round the world.
Amanda was talking about her kids and Olivia says, "I feel like it's an episode of Teen Mom."

Olivia takes these faces to mean they've never heard of the show and tries to explain the premise but stops.  Thank goodness.
Amanda puts the comment into perspective for Olivia by telling her it's as if she had said that she reminds her of Snooki from Jersey Shore because you're a hot mess.
Olivia comes back with tears and says she's sorry, she's learning a lot about herself and will try harder.
Emily isn't buying this and decides it's time for more screen time war.  She pulls Ben aside and talks about how Olivia is a different person than what he sees.  Olivia figures out what Emily is doing and interrupts her time.
Olivia then gives Ben a ring.  I'm not sure what it stands for other than marking her territory.
Meanwhile Emily calls Haley crying about Olivia and says she's sad and this thing is emotional.
Amanda sits down with Ben and tells him she feels Olivia is targeting her.
Jen wants in on the screen time and decides to give Ben her two cents about Olivia.
Chris Harrison comes into the room and says it's time for the rose ceremony.  Instead of leaving with Chris to deliberate, Ben asks to talk to Olivia.
That's right, a cliffhanger.
I hope Ben rips that rose away from Olivia, don't you?  What do you think is going to happen?

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